This is the most commonly asked question about our VSS System. It is a fact that solar cells lose efficiency as they warm up, however the simple answer is NO, engine heat will not have an effect on how the VSS system operates.

Why you ask? Well, the main benefit of the VSS system is that it provides power to your vehicle battery when the engine is NOT running (and therefore not hot). When the engine is running (and hot) the vehicle’s alternator is doing the majority of the charging and not the solar panel. This means there is very little effect from the additional heat on the system when the system is used for its intended benefits.

In order to help with the heat build-up, each VSS panel is prepped with closed cell neoprene on the back of the panel. This serves two purposes; it lifts the panel up off of the hood creating an air packet between the panel and the hood allowing for cooling, while also helping to protect the vehicle hood from any contact with the back of the panel.