10A MPPT Solar Controller, 12V Auto for Lithium, Gel Sealed, Flooded Battery

  1. Accessories includes standard MP4 connector for solar panels, 1.5m cable with battery clips & a 20A fuse for the battery.
  2. Lithium, Liquid, Gel, Flooded and AGM battery for selection.
  3. Waterproof IP67, Strong and durable aluminum case, suitable for indoor, outdoor, camping, boat, and RV use.
  4. Bluetooth, Support mobile phone APP, realize wireless monitoring function of solar controller.
  5. Innovative MPPT technology with High tracking efficiency >99.9% and peak Conversion efficiency of 97.5%. Four stages charge way: MPPT, boost, equalization, float.
  6. Dual automatic restriction function when exceeding rated Charging Power and Charging Current. Great for rv, boat, communication base stations, household systems, and field monitoring, etc.

APP Download

For iPhone, download “Solarlife” in Apple APP Store

For Android Phone, download “SolarLifeBT” in Google Play Store