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I used a Redarc charge controller that I already had for my aux battery. So far it’s done great.It’s been able to charge my DH7 Optima aux battery and run my ARB fridge full time when vehicle is parked.

Ean, Dodge Ram 2500HD

Fits perfect in the groove of the hood. Charges my battery with 10A MPPT solar controller.

Ben J, 2018 Toyota Landcruiser 76 Model

I have owned a hood solar panel as my FJ Cruiser, and I fixed it on top of my FJ’s hood.It has been continuously charging the main battery of my FJ Cruiser truck to maintain the continuous use of the refrigerator and other equipments in my FJ more than a year. At the same time, I also have a Blue Yeti eb70 solar generator. When I go outdoors, such as beaches, camping roads or any other destinations I want to go to, I need it to charge other basic devices, such as Computers, mobile phones, etc. I think this 200W solar blanket can help me a little, it is beautiful and compact, Works very well.

Vinnie, Toyota FJ Cruiser

The panels are used to charge my EcoFlow power station. Having the panels on the hood makes charging much more convenient. So far very satisfied.

Brent, Toyota 4Runner (with scoop)

I installed the 85 watt system with charge controller on my 2020 Defender 110x.The solar panel install was easy with two sided automotive trim tape and plugs right into the charge controller.Just a positive & negative connection to your battery jumper posts in the engine bay and your done.The blue tooth app lets you see how the panel and your battery are doing with a few different metrics. It looks great on the hood and works well!

Grant, Landrover Defender

They make a total of 95 hood solar panels (in fact 107 hood solar panels) for a wide variety of vehicles including 9 models for Jeeps (JK,JT, JL,TJ,LJ,XJ,WK2,and more) and 25 models for Toyotas (4Runners,FJ Cruisers,Tacomas,RAV4s,and much more).I’m going to mount this solar panel on my hood and connect it to my engine since I already have a tent on the roof of my car and other things to cover, you can also connect it directly to a portable power station or something like that’s things.

Sean, 85W 3rd Tacoma Hood Solar Panel


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