100 Watt Semi Flexible RV & Marine Solar Panel


This 100W modular roof solar panel can be run as a single unit or combined with as many units as required in order to achieve your desired power output (e.g. 4x panels produce 400W).  Each panel is mounted to a Fiberglass backplate that provides an abundance of different mounting options and configurations.

Choose the size of your solar system by adding as many 100 watt solar panels as needed to your roof.

During daylight hours, the solar system provides a constant flow of clean solar energy to your primary or secondary vehicle batteries. This gives you the ability to run 12V accessories like fridges, phone/laptop chargers, lights, power inverters etc. without the need to start your engine and without the fear of draining your battery and leaving you stranded.

The roof  modular solar system should be paired with our optional solar controllers. Our weatherproof MPPT charge controller comes pre-wired and can be conveniently mounted to the base of the solar panel(s). A single charge controller can be used for up to 2 of these 100W solar panels wired in series. A system consisting of 3 or 4 panels would require a minimum of 2 charge controllers.

We chose the most stable and durable multilayered solar panel construction available to ensure that these solar panels can withstand extreme environmental conditions, maintenance-free, for years.

* First-rate efficiencies and excellent output consistency.

*The 5BB (5-busbar) technology that optimizes electricity collection ensures optimal electricity yield from your system. The 5BB technology has better performance against cracks then the other 2BB, 3BB or 4BB technology.

*PERC is a great improvement on conventional solar cells, the density of energy is increased.

*Advanced diffusion technique ensuring the homogeneity of energy conversion efficiency of the cell.

PERC solar cells component efficiency is as high as 22-23% generating more power per unit area. Conventional cell is only 19-19%.

Note: This kit DOES NOT come with the solar controller. If you need it, please click this link to check.


100W 12V ETFE black flexible solar panel mounted on a Fiberglass backing plate, for RVs, campers, boats, roof top tent, cabin…etc.

Cutting edge technology protects the solar cells, tougher, lighter and more durable.

Modular system allows adding a number of panels together, solar array with higher stability with reliability and higher power output.

Made of latest technology PERC 9BB solar cells with 23.5% high efficiency.

PERC 9BB cell technology, uniquely designed 9 busbar solar cells deliver ultra-high power in a small footprint.

And more durable than other mono solar cells. Reduce the risks of the cells’ crack and the damage of busbars.


  1. Durability: Cutting edge technology, Special material built-in to protect the solar cells from extreme wind, packed snow, and hail impact. While special materials and stringent quality control ensure panel longevity.
  2. Solar cell: Made of Grade A PERC 9BB Monocrystalline solar cells with much higher efficiency(23.5%) and more durable than other mono solar cells.
  3. Premium EFTE Film: This film features superior light transmittance and weatherproof performance, and is also heat, corrosion, and UV resistant. ETFE also has self-cleaning abilities, ensures the best performance day after day.
  4. Shade Tolerant: Twin array design allows continued performance even with shading by trees or debris.
  5. Backboard: Durable fiberglass backboard with better heat dissipation and heat resistant PET/TPT board,which ensures a long lifetime. ETFE film and fiberglass backboard, it can withstand extreme environmental conditions, maintenance-free for years.
  6. Ultra-thin:At only 3mm thick, the solar panel is powerful, waterproof, lightweight, durable, and highly resistant to the harsh operating conditions of a marine environment.Lightweight,weigh approximately 30% of a glass framed one. They’re a great choice where you want big power without sacrificing fuel economy, or don’t want any extra weight on your roof that may affect your center of gravity.
  7. Installation: Can be fixed by adhesive, grommets, zip ties, or velcro; Can be installed without costly structural roof reinforcements. Holes on panels are pre-drilled for fast mounting and securing, perfect for non-permanent installations.

Why is etfe superior?

  1. ETFE solar panels have a better light penetration percentage of 95%. They contain fluorine atoms that bond to the panel’s EVA, ensuring it will never delaminate or discolor as time pass.
  2. The textures finish of ETFE solar panels makes them dirt-resistant and self-cleaning, minimizing the impact on solar output.
  3. also heat, fire resistance, corrosion, and UV resistant.
  4. The age of ETFE laminated membrane is up to 25 years. Later can recycle it for other purposes, 100% recyclable.


Electrical Information:
Model: VSF-100-RV
Peak power: 100W
Solar cell efficiency: 23.5%
Maximum power voltage: 18V
Maximum power current: 5.55A
Open circuit voltage: 21.24V
Short circuit current: 5.98A
Power allowance range: +/-3%
Maximum system voltage: 500V
Values at standard test conditions: Air Mass – AM1.5, Irradiance – 1000W/m2, Cell Temperature – 25°C
Material Information:
Laminated for weather resistance
Laminated with fiberglass + ETFE + Silicon cell + EVA + Tedlar
Solar cells: PERC 9BB Monocrystalline
Dimensions: 850 x 710 x 2.5mm
Net Weight: 3kg/6.6lbs
Back sheet: White Fiberglass
J-Box: IP 68 rated
Package Includes – 1 x 100W ETFE solar panel & 2 x 1m/3ft cables with standard connectors


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