10A Solar Panel Charge Regulator Controller with LCD Display and Dual USB Port, 12V 24V Auto for Lithium, Gel Sealed, Flooded Battery

  1. For 12/24V lead-acid batteries, ternary lithium batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries
  2. Large-screen LCD for display, charge and discharge parameters adjustable. Allow selection of multiple battery types, with a flexibility to set the load to work during the day or night.
  3. Dual USB output, maximum current up to 2A, supporting high current charging of iPhone, iPad and Android mobile phones and other devices.
  4. Complete multi-stage PWM charge management.
  5. Built-in reverse connection protection, open-circuit protection, high temperature protection, over-current/short-circuit protection (optional), which are all self-recovery type, with no damage to the controller.