400W 12V Portable Solar Blanket Panel Kit with 30A Waterproof MPPT Solar Controller perfect for keeping your 12V dual battery system charged

Comes with a Waterproof 30A MPPT solar controller, 5m(16ft) cables ready to charge for Lifepo4/Lithium battery or lead-acid battery

The 12V 400W Portable Solar Blanket is the apex in portable, convenient and lightweight solar power to suit any camping lifestyle. Designed for portability and strength, these solar blankets are constructed with a solid copper backing and thick connectors for higher efficiency.

Using high quality A-Grade PERC 9BB Monocrystalline Solar Cells, this solar blanket is perfect for keeping your 12V dual battery system charged, powering fridges, LED camp lights and other campsite gadgets. The solar blanket is constructed of high-quality canvas, allowing it to be flexible, lightweight and pack down to 1/8th of its open size and weigh under 9kgs/20lbs!

Suitable For:

12V Automotive / Dual Battery Systems
Recreational / Portable Dual Battery Systems

This 12V 400W Portable Solar Blanket comes standard with an Anderson Style Connection Output, allowing you to use the Waterproof 30A MPPT Regulator that’s included. This high quality style connection eliminates the risk of poor connections from frayed wires or loose terminals – just Plug & Play!

All our Solar Blankets are built with in-line fuses to protect your battery and accessories, heavy duty clamps for stronger power transfer between the solar panel and the battery and an external regulator to be able to monitor the state of charge.

Our solar blankets are a state of the art, portable solar blanket that are purpose-built to accompany you on your travels.